Have you heard of the Oak Island mystery? If not, then book a tour of the famous island where people are so certain that there’s buried treasure dating back centuries, they made a TV show about it! Or try a guided paddle tour around the island facilitated by the Oak Island Resort and Conference Centre.

Are you a history buff? The Mahone Bay Museum staff can tell you all there is to know about Mahone Bay’s rich boat-building heritage and much, much more. Look for the unique metal ship silhouettes that hang from poles along Main Street and ask what makes each one special. (Or click here for details.)

Find out more about The Young Teazer, an American privateer vessel that, in 1813, after having captured one too many British vessels, was burned with all hands in Mahone Bay and is said to still haunt the bay.

Many of our houses, shops, and work buildings are the sturdy, original structures dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Talk to a local if you see them outside — we’re friendly! Or take a self-guided architectural walking tour around town. There’s a free leaflet available in the Mahone Bay Museum.

The view of our three churches on Edgewater Street is world-renowned. You can’t miss this iconic vista as you drive into town and don’t forget to take a photo from the Oakland Road or the government wharf. Head inside the churches for a visit or check the notice board for regular services.

Bayview Cemetery is a municipal heritage property with a rare collection of standing stones, some in German, of the first settlers. The oldest one is dedicated to Ana Catherina Zwicker, who died in 1780. Pick up some historical books set in Mahone Bay at Bluestone Magik, The Teazer or Chris’s convenience store when you need to sit and rest but haven’t yet heard enough stories!

After all that meandering, enjoy a meal at one of our eateries, many of which are housed in heritage buildings — or quench your thirst in the Mug and Anchor Pub in Old Mader’s Wharf — the only shipyard warehouse still standing along the waterfront.