MBTCC is proud to provide micro-grants to community-based organizations, festivals, events, and improvement initiatives, in keeping with our overarching objective as a community-based organization.

In 2022, we will invite community groups to apply to MBTCC for financial support for community-based projects that reflect our mission, which is: …to sustain, grow, and connect our local business communities and enrich the value of tourism to Mahone Bay and Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

Grants applications are now being received and close at midnight, June 30.

The policy of the Chamber does not permit financial support to flow to profit-making entities. We do however offer the opportunity for endorsement by the Chamber of certain events. An endorsement means that the Chamber supports the event, will promote it on the Chamber website and will issue a call for volunteers within its volunteer network.

In order to qualify for this endorsement the applicant must be a member of the Chamber. In addition, the following questions are pertinent to the Committee reviewing the application and constitute guideline for the Committee in judging applicant.

1. A brief description of the event including title and timing. Is it intended to be a one-time event or to be held annually?
2. The proposed outreach. Will the event be advertised outside the Town and does it aim to attract visitors. How is this to be done?
3.  Will the organizers actively seek to involve other Chamber members in the event? How?
4.  Are event organizers offering other benefits to Chamber members as part of the promotion for the event?
5. Since the Chamber is not offering financial support, how is the event to be financed? Has this financing been secured?

Once we have received the application it will be circulated to the Board members for approval.

Download the grant application today!

Please submit your completed proposals to george@mahonebaychamber.com.

Previously Received Applications