To: MBTCC members

From George Anderson

Re: Uniform Signage Initiative

Suzanne Lohnes-Croft and I presented the attached submission to MODL Council this morning. (Download it here)

The submission dealt with the need to clean up the illegal sign mess at Exit 10 and to follow that with a more comprehensive signage program. The latter initiative will follow the results of a signage pilot project in Chester.

No decision was made by MODL Council but the matter was referred to staff for review and recommendation. Staff spoke at the meeting in support of our presentation and many Council members acknowledged the generally unsightly problem these signs have created. The Mayor said it would be useful if our initiative fit with the Municipality’s “Way-finder” policy.

We expect some indication of support or otherwise from Council in the Fall. All credit to Suzanne Lohnes-Croft who did a first class job of preparing us for this meeting

While the Transportation Dept, has the power to remove the signs now we indicated that a period of consultation with stakeholders should proceed any further action.

Please note if you have a sign at Exit 10 it would be appreciated if you would voluntarily remove it.

If you have views pro or con on this matter please write to me.


George Anderson