We’ve had a great start to the spring season and there’s been lots of action coming out of the Chamber. Our hopes with this quarterly newsletter is to keep our members updated on what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Please follow our Facebook page for latest announcements, events and good news. Have something you’d like us to share? contact Meg at meg@skysailbrand.com.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first Chamber social night of 2022. A big shoutout to Saltbox Brewing Company, The Nosy Crow Bites & Brews and our very own Christine Hiltz for organizing the drinks, bites and fun!


The Chamber has successfully filled positions for all of our subcommittees and there have been key contacts put in place. Thank you to everyone who’s stepped up and given their time and efforts to make some big change happen for Mahone Bay!

Town Beautification: Karen Pinsent lead, assisted by Vicki Barton and Suzanne Lohnes-Croft (Exit 10 Project)

Fairs, Festivals and Events: Lee Simpson lead, assisted so far by Kellie Anderson who will have a special focus on incorporating the MB Arts Council and the Film Festival. Kellie reports directly to the Chamber Board on these two items. Kellie will also be managing the proposed Artist’s Market at the Aquatic Garden Park if we get that off the ground.

VIC and Grant Committee: Greg Phipps lead. The grants committee also has Mickey Johnson and Danielle King as members

Economic Development: Annette St. Onge lead. Annette is currently working on our Aquatic Gardens Project from Develop NS and there Commemorative Gardens and Statues project from ACOA.

Membership: Christine Knickle lead. Assisted by Scott Lutes and Meg Craig

Communications: Meg Craig lead. Assisted by Mike Broley, Dave Eisnor and Danielle King.

In two cases, Economic Development and Beautification we have no Board member to liaise with the Committee leads. If you would like to be the Board link for one of these initiatives please email George at:


Downtown Flower Baskets will be placed mid-June to dress the town in blossoms thru mid-October. Each basket will be planted with a variety of ink, purple and white Wave Petunias

Sponsorships are $200 per basket, $175 for Chamber members. Sales are open to businesses and individuals (with the idea of commemorating a special person or event / unique gift idea, etc.)

FYI Sponsorship sales will cover a portion of the cost of the program. In order to keep the per-basket cost to $200, the Chamber is supporting the program, and an application for matching funding has been submitted to the Town. You can purchase a basket by clicking here!


First, congratulations to Kirsty Cousins for her successful application for three summer students to staff the VIC this year. In the past we’ve only ever received two, so this was a welcomed surprise. Please spread the word!


Angela is in the process of updating the Directors on the Registry of Joint Stocks. She needs everyone’s current mailing address and Occupation/Title.

You can contact her at teabrewery20@gmail.com

We’re looking for our 15th board member! If you know of anyone who may be interested please pass their name along to Christine at sunflwr2002002@yahoo.ca