One of the goals the Chamber has this year is to expand its network of volunteers which had declined to only a handful during the COVID pandemic. So far this year, over 30 people have indicated a willingness to help with a variety of projects the Chamber has in mind for 2022.

Beautification of our Town

We have in mind to restore the summer hanging basket display on Edgewater and Main Streets that we had in years past. We also want to do what we can to create a better first impression of our Town by cleaning up the outdated and unsightly signs at Exit 10.

Committed to planning more events

One of these is what we have called the “Rhodo Rodeo”. This is a Town-wide rhododendron planting program which will ultimately lead to a special event week. When these plants are in full bloom. And, yes, the plants will be deer-proofed as much as possible!

The little VIC that could

The Town lease for the Visitor Information Centre has traditionally only been for the building and not the surrounding land. We are working with the Town to renew the lease, include the land portion, and develop a more attractive look for the area as Tourists arrive in the Bay.

These projects all require volunteer effort and of course are dependent on co-operation from Town Council, the Department of Highways and others. We are working on securing that co-operation now. The Chamber efforts here are being spear-headed by Karen Pinsent, Vicki Bardon and Suzanne Lohnes-Croft who have joined us as part of our volunteer network. Greg Phipps, Chamber Director, is leading the VIC effort.

There is more coming so stay tuned. Meanwhile if you want to join our volunteer group and make a real difference, send an email to and we will sign you up!