The Mahone Bay Tourism and Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the newly formed board of directors and plan of action for 2022. After a couple rough years due to Covid the organization was close to it’s end but after a call to the community for new leadership, we saw just how engaged our business community is and we are thrilled.

We want to shout a tremendous “thank you” to Jeff Phillips and the previous board for all their hard work and impactful efforts that we’re currently building upon.

What we’ve been up to:

  • Chamber chair, George Anderson has met with Mayor Devenne to present our vision and request for support which was very well received. Plans to meet with council are in play
  • The board has held it’s first meeting and committees are being established
  • The advisory board has been established which purpose is to work directly with the Chamber board on various projects. We’re excited to already have a group of 30 engaged volunteers to move our plans forward

What we’re working on:

  • A member to member benefit package
  • Town beautification projects, both foliage, furniture and public art
  • Website communications including business directory
  • Solid plan for the reopening and improvements of our VIC
  • Consistent Festivals & Fairs protocols of action and support
  • New festivals and events to bring visitors to town year round
  • Member events, webinars, awards, bursaries
  • “Office Hours” – We’re working on a team of business and community advisors that will volunteer their time to help the business community thrive
  • A town ambassador program
  • An economic development service with plans and protocols in regards to grants, business planning and bylaws

What we need from the business community:

  • Engagement on our socials, our newsletters and polls…this information let’s us know how we can better connect with you
  • New member recruitment, sharing is caring…and growing!
  • Festival and Event Volunteers
  • Promptly pay your membership so we can continue to do good work!