The objective of MBTCC as stated in our by-laws is:

… to promote local interests, build a healthy economy, and sustain/grow the community’s tourism and business environments.

The Board recently met to consider how we could restructure to best direct our efforts to deliver this objective. The outcome of this discussion was a greater clarity around what was felt to be important in supporting the business community and ensuring we are in the best position to meet the challenges that Covid-19 has created.

Covid-19 created an unprecedented situation for all of us in 2020 and highlighted the need for closer working relationships and better communication between all businesses to capitalise on what the town has to offer visitors. However, it also highlighted the need for controls around community engagement as well as a requirement for stronger risk management around events which we felt was in general better addressed through smaller, more tightly controlled events.

Two important changes in the way we work resulted from our discussions. Firstly MBTCC will no longer engage in the overall administrative management or oversight of large-scale festivals. Secondly MBTCC will seek to engage a greater number of groups and organisations within Mahone Bay by providing support to a wider range of community events and activities.

One consequence of these decisions is that MBTCC will no longer be responsible for the organisation management or accountability of the Mahone Bay Father Christmas Festival. This does not mean that the MBTCC believe the Father Christmas Festival should be permanently cancelled. Nor does it mean that MBTCC will not support the Father Christmas Festival. It does mean that we will no longer be the lead organisation behind the festival and that we will consider support of a community based group who may wish to continue to deliver this experience.

These decisions were not undertaken lightly and much discussion and deliberation when into making them. These decisions have been communicated to the regular planning team and our members. We would like to take this further opportunity of thanking all the dedicated planning teams and their volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the years to deliver these events on our behalf.

Going forward we would like to invite community groups to apply to MBTCC for financial support for community based projects that reflect our mission, which is:

… to sustain, grow, and connect our local business communities and enrich the value of tourism to Mahone Bay and Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

A simple application form has been created for you to submit to the Board for consideration of your proposal, you may be asked to provide additional information when your application is reviewed.

It is likely that we will not be able to meet all requests but we will do our best to support as many and as wide a variety of projects within the community as is possible. To support this aim most grants are unlikely to exceed $300-$500 at this time. Larger grants may be possible but this will largely depend on funds available to us through membership fees and any fundraising we are able to undertake.

The application form mentioned can be found on our website Resources page or below.

MBTCC Application for Financial Support