South Shore Tourism have been in touch to make sure you know about the latest advertising/promotional opportunities via the Dine Around Website.

“Timing couldn’t be more appropriate, with February being the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Family Day. Lobster Crawl might be paused for this year but love has not been cancelled! Take advantage of this promotion to let folks know you’re open and looking forward to seeing them.

Dine Around Nova Scotia celebrates and encourages locals and visitors to try new restaurants and new dishes.

  • Last year more than 70 restaurants participated, a 30% increase from the previous year.

  • Restaurants sold an average of 150 Dine Around Menus and some sold more than 600!

  • The Dine Around Website saw more than 124 000 page views with an average of 2500 average listing views per restaurant.

  • Over 2 million impressions in 2020 in both organic and paid media.

  • The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia is offering participation in this program at no cost to you!

  • Just fill out the form, providing RANS with the required information and you’re good to go.

  • South Shore Tourism Cooperative will boost your social exposure by blogging about the event, sharing posts from RANS and creating posts of our own.

  • Dine Around is not limited to restaurants! Accommodations may participate too by combining their offer with inhouse dining or partnering with a restaurant in the area!! Super simple! Include a gift certificate to a nearby participating restaurant in your package and package price!! Not sure if the restaurant is participating, go ahead give them a call!

Google Form for participation Dine Around Nova Scotia here. More information attached to email! This is a super quick turn around, needing your attention ASAP, Natasha at RANS has said they’ll take submissions into February but remember every day that goes by without filling out the form is a day your not being promoted or found on the website.”


Route 541 News

More news from South Shore Tourism

Route 541 is creating both a Virtual Run and a Bike Ride that include the South Shore.

They’ve reached out looking for local photos to include “postcards” that will be seen by the runners and cyclists as the pass that “mile marker”.

We’d love to share photos of your business! Again, super simple just send us a photo that you’d like to use. Even better post the photo on your Instagram or Facebook page and use the hashtag #southshoreNICE and through the magic of technology I’ll be able to grab it from there!!

Again, time is of the essence so get snapping! No need to take new photos, you can send us that fabulous shot from the past too!! This too is a super quick turn around, needing your attention ASAP, with a deadline of Wednesday January 20.”

Inventory of South Shore NS

“Last but not least. South Shore Tourism is creating an inventory of all Explore the Shore possibilities, that includes accommodations and artists, restaurants, retailer, artisans, galleries, museums and trails etc.

Anything we can share to let folks looking for something to do KNOW that the South Shore is THE place to do. We appreciate you taking just a few moments to add yourself.. and others if you like, to our inventory sheet.

Click here to share your information on the the inventory sheet.

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate you taking time to help us promote you and your business.

We appreciate you and enjoy sharing you with the world! Some folks are looking to visit you as soon as tomorrow and some are watching, creating a bucket list for when they are able to travel to your door.

Tag us in your social media posts by using #southshoreNICE on Instagram and @novascotiasouthshore on Facebook. We’ll like and share!!

Check out page one of the new South Shore Tourism webpage at more to come!!

Thank you for taking the time to help us promote the South Shore!!”